Balkan Wars


Balkan War

Start of Balkan war

October 8, 1912

Ottoman Empire declares war on Balkan states

October 16,1912

Final treaty of London

May 13, 1913

2nd Balkan war begins

June 16, 1913

Bulgarian launch surprise attack on Balkan league allies

June 29, 1913

2nd Balkan war ends with treaty of Bucharest

August 13, 1913

Moroccan Crisis

France try to establish more control in Morocco

March 1905

Kaiser visited Morocco

March 31, 1905

German ruler : Kaiser visited Morocco to announce that Germany supported them and wanted to have a internation conference to discuss their future.
It was a test to prevent France from occupying Morocco

Conference in southern Spain, an agreement over Morocco

January 1906 - April 1906

2nd Moroccan crisis


Rebellion against the ruling sultan which broke out in fez ( capital of Morocco ) Germany believed that France formed.
Sent a panther ( gun boat )

Bosnian Crisis

Russia writes to Austria-Hungary to take advantage of disorder in Turkey

July 1908

The Russian foreign minister wrote to the Austria- hungary foreign minister and proposed that the two great powers take advantage of the disorder in Turkey.

Russia will not object to annexation

September 16, 1908

Izvolsky agreed that Russia would not object to the annexation.

Austria - Hungary annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina (Crisis started)

October 7, 1908

Treaty of Berlin ( crisis ended )

April 1909