History Of the United States Important Events


Founding of Jamestown


colonists left england for a new life and that new life happened to be in Jamestown Virginia on the year of 1607

The Navigation Acts


Laws that were restricting Trade with the colonies in order to benefit england economically were passed later named the Navigation Acts

Bacon's Rebellion


Bacons Rebellion; An armed rebellion against the rule of Virginia Governer William Berkeley

French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

French and Indian War; A war between the colonies of england and new france which lead to the Treaty of Paris

The Stamp Act


The Stamp Act: A set of laws that added additional taxes to british america

Coercive acts


Coercive Acts: Laws that were passed in a series between England and colonial america, some were in response to the Boston Tea Party

Battle of lexington and concord

April 19, 1775

Battle of Lexington and Concord: First battles among many to kickstart the American Revolutionary War.

Battle of Yorktown


Battle of Yorktown: Created a decisivie end to the Revolutionairy War