Thief Caught

August 9, 2001

Michael sees a thief, a guy named Ramon, running across the baseball field, and Michael hit him in the back of the head with a baseball to try to stop him. Little did he know, the thief had just stolen his nanny's purse.


August 17, 2001

He sees a girl, named Ellie, watching him play baseball. Michael starts to like her, but all of a sudden, she runs away. He wishes she would come back and talk to him.

Facing His Arch Enemy

August 21, 2001

He meets this kid that thinks he is better than Michael. Every time he sees Micheal, he gives him a mean glare. He also tries to pitch as fast as Micheal but he can't. Michael will always be better.

No Baseball

August 23, 2001

Some of the Little League baseball coaches question his age, and since Michael doesn't have a birth certificate, he can't play. They think he is older than twelve because he can pitch 80 miles per hour.

Argument With Ellie

September 4, 2001

He accidentally makes Ellie mad by saying something mean to her. Then she runs away. Now he doesn't have her phone number so he can't contact her to let her know that he is sorry about hurting her feelings.

Talking With An Official

September 7, 2001

Michael is in an alley practicing pitching and meets an official that takes care of children with no parents. He confronts Michael and starts asking him questions. Michael lies because he doesn't want the man to figure out that he doesn't have any parents. Then the guy says that he is coming to his house, and he is going to talk to his dad that is actually dead, but the official doesn't know that.

Fake Dad

September 12, 2001

He needs his dad to meet up with an official, but his dad is dead. He gets his friend's uncle to act like his dad and it works perfectly. The official thinks that the uncle of Michael's friend is Michael's actual dad.

Carlos And The Police

September 19, 2001

His brother, Carlos, gets fired from his job and doesn't tell Michael. He starts illegally working for a guy named Ramon, but doesn't know that he is the same thief that Michael caught on the baseball field. Then Carlos and Ramon get caught by the police, but Carlos doesn't go to jail because he isn't 18 yet.

Plays Baseball Again

September 27, 2001

El Grande, the pitcher for the Yankees, Ellie, Carlos, and officials from the Administrations of Child Services deliver Michael's birth certificate to him during the playoffs. El Grande knew people in Cuba that knew where Michael's birth certificate was. He needs it so he can play baseball again.

Yankee Stadium

October 2, 2001

Michael's team makes it to the district finals and gets to play in the Yankee Stadium. He had always wanted to be inside and watch the Yankees play, never the less play in the stadium. His dream came true that day.