World History Timeline Review Activity


Humans first domesticate animals

10000 BCE - 9999 BCE

Humans train animals to benefit themselves.

Mummification begins in Egypt

3600 BCE - 3599 BCE

Egyptians believed in life after death so they would try to preserve the body.

civilization develops in ancient greece

1600 BC - 1599 BC

Civilization starts in the Middle Ages.

Jesus is born

4 BC - 3 BC

Jesus was a miracle baby, his parents were Mary and Joseph.

Jesus was crucified on the cross.

30 CE - 31 CE

Christians believed that he was the son of god, he was sentenced to Pontius Pilate.

First Bubonic Plague Outbreak

1347 - 1348

The Black Plague was an outbreak that started when fleas got on rats and an illness spread throughout the population