There Will Come Soft Rain



August 4, 2026

When the house brought in reinforcements, I felt hope, but also thought that it would still be quite pointless as more than half of the house had already been burned down.


August 4, 2026

The house seems to keep the house very safe although it doesn't seem like there are any people living here.

Other characters

August 4, 2026

This moment was when we met the cleaner mice. This scene was really cool. To think that we might have little robot mice cleaning our house sounds amazing.

House starts off the day

August 4, 2026

I was quite confused because the house kept talking but didn't get any response.


August 4, 2026

When the dog comes home, it makes me feel happy because I feel like there might actually being life around but after it dies, I feel extremely upset too.

Meeting the voices

Approx. August 4, 2026

There are many voices talking and telling people things. It feels quite interesting to think that this might be our future as technology is advancing quite quickly.

Nurseries and bath times

August 4, 2026

So many things are happening at once, you can almost see it all.


August 4, 2026

The poem that the house read was really meaningful and made me think quite a lot. about the meaning behind it.


August 4, 2026

When the fire started, I was very shocked, I didn't expect it to happen.

Dead House

August 5, 2026

For some reason, I can't express the feelings I felt when this happened because they were mixed. I felt sad, but also kind of irritated at how the world had become so pointless.