There will be short rains


The House Activates

Approx. 4 August 2026 7am - Approx. 4 August 2026 7:08

At first, this house seemed to be a technology based house approximately nine years in the future 2026

Breakfast Time

August 4, 2026 7:09 am - August 4, 2026 8:00 am

I feel like there still are people living in the house but they haven't got up yet because they are lazy

Off to School, Off to work, Run Run

August 4, 2026 8:01 - August 4, 2026 9:14

I start to feel like there is no one in the house, the people are just not there! They may have gone for a holiday, but I am not sure

Breakfast Untouched

August 4, 2026 9:15 - August 4, 2026 9:59

Now I know for sure there is no one living in this house. But house thinks there are people living. Perhaps earlier people used to live here I'm quite certian a family used to live here.

Ten o'clock

August 4, 2026 10:00 - August 4, 2026 10:10

Now I get impression that there are no other humans nearby or as a matter of fact something major may have occurred and the only thing that may have survived is this house.

The Family

August 4, 2026 10:15 - August 4, 2026 11:59

There is a painting which has a man mowing a lawn, a woman bent to pick flowers, and a small boy's and girl playing catch with a ball. I think this is the family that lived here once. Also, the house has good technology and does not allow any animals entering or touching the house.

The Dog

August 4, 2026 12:00 - August 4, 2026 1:59 pm

I was actually pleased that the dog got to enter in the house. Because now I feel like the house has a purpoes to serve someone, not just serve a family that is not present

The Death of the Dog

August 4, 2026 12:30 - August 4, 2026 1:59pm

I was glad when the house was serving the boney dog pancakes. But I think the dog got too excited which caused anxiety and so that's why the dog died he may have skipped a heartbeat etc.

Two o' clock

August 4, 2026 2:00 pm - August 4, 2026 2:14 pm

The robot mice were decomposing the dog's dead body and they noticed it maybe by the bacteria of a dead body and that's why they were humming


August 4, 2026 2:15 pm - August 4, 2026 2:30 pm

I feel the fire burned because the technology based house could sense if it was too cold outside to be warm in the inside

Two thirty-five

August 4, 2026 2:35pm - August 4, 2026 4:29pm

Every afternoon I think the parents or the mother used to have parties where they would sip Martinis and play cards. But the house does not know that there is no one around. And I think set this up every afternoon

The Nursery Walls

August 4, 2026 4:30pm - August 4, 2026 5:00pm

As the family had one small boy and one small girl, the house would display animals just to be informative in a fun way to the young kids. And this is where I think technology really is helpful it helps us learn in a fun way.

The Bath Time

August 4, 2026 5:00pm - August 4, 2026 6:00pm

Technology can help us in such extreme ways sometimes we may forget how grateful we are for it


August 4, 2026 6:00pm - August 4, 2026 8:59pm

It fascinates me because maybe one in the future we may have such technology in every ordinary house. Also the Man probably smokes the cigar every night


August 4, 2026 9:00pm - August 4, 2026 9:04pm

This seems like a house with a lot of machines and automation it. This house may actually come up in the future

The Poem

August 4, 2026 9:05pm - August 4, 2026 9:58pm

I found out the name of the lady who bent to pick up the flowers Mrs. McClellan she likes poems of 'Sara Teasdale' and every night before bedtime she listens to her poems, but something I can't figure out is why can't the house notice that there is no one living in the house yet? But reading the poem I think Mrs. McClellan thinks of the world as a naturistic place

The Fire

August 4, 2026 10:00pm

A tree crashed in the kitchen and suddenly the house caught fire. The house was yelling 'Fire, fire' thinking he could warn the family little did he know no one was there. The house tried to save itself by trying various ways even putting venoms snakes but the fire was smarter. How did a random tree come falling from nowhere? I think that even the house was trying to save itself, but it was killing itself as well by the fire, I think the house increased the fire to kii itself. Because I think that technolgy has become so smart that it does not want to repeat the same things over and over again.