Narrative of Frederick Douglass By: Frederick Douglass


Frederick Douglass is Born

February 1818

The son of a slave woman and an unknown white man, "Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey" was born in February of 1818 on Maryland's eastern shore

Douglass lives with his grandmother Betsey Bailey

1819 - 1825

Douglass Moves to Plantation on Wye River


When Douglass was about six years old, his grandmother walked with him the twelve miles from his childhood cabin to the Wye

Douglass is Sent to Baltimore to Live with Hugh Auld


Sophia Auld Teaches Douglass to Read


"It was here, under the instruction of Mrs. Auld that young Frederick first learned the alphabet. However it did not last long, "

Douglass Begins Work in Shipyard as General Assistant


"Very soon after I went to Baltimore to live, Master Hugh [Auld] succeeded in getting me hired to Mr. William Gardiner, an extensive ship builder"

Douglass discovered the book The Columbian Orator which gave him the concept of freedom and human rights.


Frederick Douglass Works for Thomas Auld in St. Michaels, Maryland


Follow in the footsteps of Frederick Douglass during his teenage years in St. Michaels. Arriving as Frederick Bailey, a rebellious 15 year old,

Douglass Learns of Abolitionist Movement


African-American abolitionist Frederick Douglass first encountered The Columbian Orator around the age of twelve, just after he learned to read

Douglass and Anna Murray Arrive in New Bedford

Sep 16 1838

"The arrival of Frederick and Anna Murray Douglass in New Bedford on Sept. 16 of 1838 was unexceptional,"

Douglass became a preacher


Disturbed by the Methodist segregation and haughtiness, Anna and Douglass joined an African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church and he became a licensed preacher where his oratorical skills flourished.

Douglass Speaks at Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society Convention


Douglass speaks about his slave experiences at a convention of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society held on Nantucket Island.