Mary MacKillop Report


Birth of Mary MacKillop

Approx. January 15th, 1842

Mary Helen MacKillop was born in Brunswick street, Fitzroy, Melbourne on 15 January to Flora and Alexander MacKillop. She was Baptised on 18 January in St francis' Church, Lonsdale street, Melbourne.

Mary Becomes a Governess for her cousins


Mary Becomes a Governess to Cameron cildren at Penola Homestead, South Australia. This is where Mary meets Fr Julian Tenison Woods.

Mary and Lexie move to Penola


Mary and Lexie move to Penola in January to help Fr Julian establish St Joseph's school. Which opened on the 19th of March, St Joseph's feast day.

Mary excommunicated


By 1871 there were 127 sisters working in 34 different schools in South Australia. That was until late 1871. With growing tension between Bishop Laurence Sheil, Fr Julian and other priests about running the order. On 3 february the clergy presents a submission to the bishop highly critical of the sisters and Fr julian. Mary writes back explaining her position. But on the 22 september, Mary was excommunicated and 47 sisters expelled By bishop Laurence Sheil.

Mary goes to Rome

Approx. March 28th, 1873

Mary travels to Rome on 28 of March to seek Approval of the order written by Fr Julian. This was to establish secure authority fo the Congreation. After nearly two years, the Pope approves the order and Mary goes back to Australia

Mary is elected Mother General

Approx. March 19th, 1875

Constitution of the institute of St Joshep accepted by First General Chapter and Mary is elected Mother General

Mary Dies

August 8th, 1909

Mary Died 8 August in Alma Cottage, Mount street, North Sydney. She was buried on 11 August at Gorge Hill Cemetery.

Mary Canonized

Approx. October 17th, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI declares Mary a Saint in the Universal Church at a Canonisation Celebration in Rome on 17 October. Mary is named "St Mary of the cross MacKillop- First Australian Saint".