CAUSES of Syrian Conflict


Internal Conflict

1919 - 1946

The French were unwilling to promote a self government, which fustrated the Sunni majority. By 1946 from a serious of internal conflict the French left Syria

French Rule

1919 - 1946

States in the Middle East came to be known as 'mandate states' and were under the rule of British and the French. Syria came under the French rule

Syria - Egypt

1958 - 1961

Syria merged with Egypt

Arab Republic of Syria


Hafez Al-Assad - first president

Hama Attack


Hama was a Sunni dominated city - attack in response to an uprising against Assad



Assad followed in his fathers footsteps and rules of Syria with the same tyrannical personality


2006 - 2010

Worst drought ever - thousands of Syrians left home to move to cities in search of food and water. However, they had to fight against the refugees from Palestinian and Iraq

The Arab Spring


An uprising to overthrow corrupt government of Tunisia

4 Overthrown Government

January 2011 - September 2012

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain were unsuccessful in the capitulation of the government

Free Elections


Syrians requested free elections

Syrian Civil War

2012 - Present