Things I would change

1963 - 2017

I do think of what my life would have been like if I stayed in the Navy for 30 years, the places I would have gone, or what if I would not have been on the sub base that day and met my first husband, or moved to Decatur and met my husband now and what I would be doing if I did not have 10 children, but then I think of all the joy I have had because of the choices I made and I have no regrets. Where will I be in 20 years, well I will be 74 years old and I hope to be still living and enjoying my children and grandchildren. I hope that when I finish my Master's I can and will help make a difference in chidlrens lives. I think everything I have done up to this point in my life has lead me to getting my Masters. I do not think at the age of 18 I was ready to go to college, or get my Master's at 23 like most people, I feel that I was made to have 10 babies to raise them to be good and caring people and to incourage me to help other children have a good life to.

The day I was born

August 31, 1963

Deborah Alice Schneider was born in Mexico, Missouri to Vernon and Gladys Schneider

We moved to Germany

September 15, 1963

I was 2 weeks old and took my first flight to Germany where my dad was stationed in the US Air Force, we were there for 3 years and my little sister was born

We moved to Kansas


I started kindergarten at the little red school house and my first boyfriend name was Michael, and my little brother was born in 1967

We moved to Biloxi, Missouri


My dad was stationed at Kessler Air base, my dad was born and raised there, we build our first home and I got to meet my two half brothers from my dad's first marriage. I started second grade at St. Teresa's Catholic school.

My mom and dad adopted my youngest brother

March of 1972

My dad retired from the Air Force


He served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam

We moved to Mexico, Mo.


It was sad to leave Biloxi, Ms. but I got to be around my grandparents on my mom's side and I made friends that have lasted a life time.


1978 - 1979

I started school at St. Brendan's Catholic school and made the cheerleading team, it was here that I discovered my love of cheering that I would eventually pass taht love down to my daughters.

Started high school


Freshman year I went to Mexico Senior high I loved it. I made the cheerleading team got my first real boyfriend and my first car was a 1979 cherry red Corvette, I loved that car.

Joined the Navy


Well I was all set to go to college, but my plans changed when I thought going into the Navy was a great way to get my college paid for, back then there was not the financial aid like there is today.

Graduation from high school


In May of 1981, I graduated from high school a year earlier then I was supposed to, I wanted to go to college and I could not wait.


July 1981

I started Navy boot camp on July 1, 1981, and after 8 weeks graduated on my 18th birthday August 31, 1981, and got stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hi.

Flew to Hawaii

November 1981

I got on a plane and flew with a few other girls that got stationed in Hawaii. I was off on my next big adventure with big plans. It was not what I thought, for Thanksgiving we ate pizza and it was 90 degrees, a far cry from 20 degrees and snow in Missouri. I hated it and wanted to go back home.

Working on the Arizona Memorial


I worked on the Arizona Memorial driving a tour boat, I never really understood the event that took place on December 7, 1941 until I was standing on that deck and looked down at the ship knowing that there were still sailors on the ship.

Meeting my husband


I met my husband at the submarine base Pearl Harbor, HI November 1983, we were married 6 weeks later on December 23, 1983, in Stone Mountain, Ga. we took 2 weeks for our honeymoon and went to North Carolina.

Getting stationed in New London, Ct.


We got orders to go to New London Ct. I was happy to be off an island and a place that had 4 seasons.

Having a child


not long after we were married I found out I was pregnant, we were happy and scared, but 15 weeks into the pregnancy i lost the little boy.

Trying for another child


Not long after we got to New London, Ct. we tried for another child we got a set of twin girls again so happy but really scared, but at 27 weeks they were stillborn. I very hard time in our lives and even harder on our marriage.

Trying again for more children

1985 - 1986

We had two more miscarriages, we decided we were not going to have any more children.

Finally having a child S. Brandon Michael

August 24, 1985

After being on bedrest and going to the best doctors at Yale University we had a 3 pound 2-ounce baby boy, that is now 6-3 and a Captain with the Army Rangers.

Getting a divorce

June 26, 1986

We decided to get a divorce, but we stayed friends and things were going good, until I got pregnant again. I guess you could say we were friends with benefits.

I moved to MIssissippi

November 1987

My ex-husband was getting stationed in Pensacola, Fl for some more flight training and I did not want to move to Fl. so my family was back in MS. so we thought it was a good idea to have me move there.

Having our daughter Brianna KateLynne

December 5, 1987

My ex-husband came to Biloxi, Ms. to see me and our son, that night we went to a Christmas parade after returning home I went into labor and I had our daughter that night she was born on her daddies birthday he was so happy, but she was very early and had to go to Mobile, Al. She weighted 2 pounds, 3 ounces. They said if she lived she would never be like other children her age. She proved them wrong, she graduated with honors, went to medicial school, is now married with one little girl and a boy on the way.

Moving to Decatur, Al.

February 1988

My sister lived in Decatur, Al. and wanted me to move here she had two boys and wanted family around her, so I packed up my two children and moved to Decatur.

When I moved to Decatur, Al

March 10, 1989

I met my future husband at a bar one night, he came up to me and ask were does a guy go to get in line to ask you out. What a cheesy line, but i guess it worked we have been together ever since.

Got married

February 14, 1990

One day we were setting around playing with my two kids and we decided to get married we picked Feb. 14 so that he would never forget the date.

Trying to go to college

August 1990

I decided to give going to college a try after so many years and having two kids and being pregnant with the third I knew it would be hard. So I went for a semester but I had to quit because of pre-term labor.

Having another child Reagan Jared

October 4, 1990

I was not sure if I was happy about having another baby and if I could carry it to term, well he was 3 months early but pretty healthy. I could not be more proud of the man he has become. My husband walked around showing off his son, was so happy, but when Reagan went to Auburn and not Alabama it was a sad day for daddy but a very proud day for me.

Having another girl Victoria Liz-Beth

March 25, 1992

I was so thrilled to be having another girl, Brianna wanted a sister so bad. Being only 2 months early a pretty blonde hair, blue eyed little girl came into this world not crying just looking around. I knew then she was smart. Victoria graduated with an IB degree from high school and got into 3 IVY league schools, but choose to attend Auburn University like her brother and it drove her daddy crazy.

Getting pregnant again


We were having a boy, but at 17 weeks he was stillborn it was so hard, but then while I was in the hospital and waiting for the funeral home to come get him (he had decided to bury him next to my husbands mom) the hospital lost his body. That is something you never get over, to this day I will always wonder what happen to my son Morgan Chase.

Another baby on the way Kyle-Lee Reed

February 4, 1994

Kyle-Lee came into this world at 5 pounds 2 ounces. She was crying and not happy at all. She is the most like me in that she cannot make up her mind about what college and what she wants to study.

We bought a house


I was pregnant with my 6th child and we knew we needed a bigger home, so we bought one and still have it today.

Another child Nickolas Karrington I

July 25, 1995

Nickolas came into this world at 6 pounds, 2 ounces and is now 6-1 and a Sophmore at Auburn University. He is studying criminal law with plans to someday be an FBI agent.

Another son Iaian Kennedy

December 27, 1996

Iaian was born weighing 3 pounds 7 ounces and is still little. He has the best heart and loves to help people. Iaian does have some learning problems, but he did graduate from high school, but he knows college is not for him.

One more daughter MacKenzie Karolyne Sydnee

December 8, 1997

The Mac is what we call her. While Iaian was in the NICU I got pregnant with her then she came early. For 19 days every year, her and Iaian are the same age. MacKenzie loved my dad so much that she has decided to join the Air Force. For one year she will attend Marion Military Academy then she will transfer to the Air Force Academy in Colo. Springs, Co. she wants to study math and Airospace engineering and fly jets.

Another daughter Brooke-Lynne Izabella Makenna

November 2, 1999

Izabella as we call her is a person in her own world, she came into this world at 4 pounds 2 ounces. I say that she should have been born in the 60's, a Senior this year she wants to buy a VW bus and travel with her dog and work when she can find a job. She wants no kids and thinks marriage is out dated. She said, "Marriage is easy to get into but very hard to get out of so why would anyone want to do it?"

One more son Myles-Hayden Konner

July 30, 2001

The Decatur Daily was doing a story on us for having 8 children, and they ask me how many I wanted. I had never really thought about it so I just said 10. Well, Myles-Hayden made my 10th and I knew I was done. He is such a thinker. Loves to read, build things and has skipped 2 grades. He wants to design and build bridges. He is my travel buddy. We travel at least 3 times a year to new places. I collect stamps in my National Parks book so we try and go to a least one park and we play Pokeman.

My Nephew Ryan died

March 9, 2003

I was at Bingo with some friends when I got a phone call from my husband saying that my nephew Ryan and his girlfriend Bria was in a car wreck and died, I hung up the phone set down and played Bingo. It was not until I was driving home that it hit me and what my husband had told me. I called my mom to make sure I understood and she said yes it was true. I got home packed a bag and flew out to St. Louis within hours. My sister losing her son was so hard on her and the family. It has been 14 years and yet I still do not believe it happened.

The days my children graduated from college


My children grad. from college in the years 2008 to 2014 so far. I would love to list all the great events that my children have done like Brandon getting his Lt. bars and his Ranger tab March 2012, Brianna grad. from Medical school 2012, but my time line would be so long so I am listing them together.

Brandon got married


My oldest son got married.

Ella was born


My first grandchild was born and I got to be there.

Started college

August 2011

I was just sitting around with nothing to do, my husband was a state trooper and always working the kids were all getting older and in school, so I went to Calhoun College and started school. I was so excited I made Phi Kappa and that gave me the will to go on. My kids were so happy when I graduated and proud. I decided to go to the University of Alabama in Huntsville and study Chemistry, but after a sememter I realized that field was not for me so I transferred to Athens State University and got my B.A. in psychology with a minor in criminal justice with plans to go to law school.

My second granddaughter Madelyne was born


My son Brandon and his wife had my second grandchild and I got to be there.

My dad died

July 30, 2013

My dad died. He was fine one day and on the way to see the doctor for a check up he just closed his eyes and died. It was so hard, as a child you see your dad as this big strong man and he will live forever.

Brianna got married

September 13, 2014

My daughter Brianna got married to her high school sweetheart.

My third grandchild Henley was born

September 1, 2015

My daughter and her husband had my third granddaughter, I wish I could have been there, but she was born the day after my birthday.

Went on a trip

March 2016

My son Myles-Hayden, me and my best college buddy decided to go on a trip, we were both going to go to NYU so on Spring break we thought it would be cool to fly into DC and see the sights, then drive to Philly and see the Mutter Museum, Liberty Bell, etc. then drive to New York. So we set off and when we were at Arrington National Cemetery my friend Anna said to me that when we move to New York that if something ever happened to her that she wanted to be cremated and her ashes thrown all over New York. I just laughed at her and went on not giving it another thought. We went on with our trip and had a great time. A week after we came back Anna died, she was 40 years old, it hit me hard and made me realize how short life really is and how we need to tell the people in our lifes how much we love them.

Graduation day

May 2016

I cannot believe that I got my degree, I just wish my dad could have been there and Anna should have been there walking with me. I am glad that her daughter got to walk and got her degree for her.

My mom came to live with us

November 2016

I went up to see my mom in Missouri and I did not like the way she was living so I packed her up and moved her in with us. I am glad that she is here, but taking care of a older person is hard, but she took care of me for so many years so now I think it is my turn to take care of her.

I started grad. school

June 2017

Life sure has handed me and my family some pretty bad blows, but I have had some pretty great times and a pretty good life. For all the bad things 10 great things have happened to me.