Early Church



Roman Republic

Approx. 509 BC - 27 BC

Traditional dates

Julio-Claudian Dynasty

27 BC - 68 AD

The Principate

27 BC - 284 AD

The Principate is apparently a somewhat arbitrary designation of the earlier period of the Roman empire in which a kind of continuity with the republic was feigned by the emperors.

Roman Empire

26 BC - 476 AD

Octavian is granted overarching power and given the new title Augustus in 27; the fall of the Roman empire is marked by the deposition of Romulus Augustulus in 476 by Odoacer.

Year of the Four Emperors

0069 - 69 AD

The Flavian Emperors

0070 - 96 AD

The Dominate

0285 - 476 AD