modern shape restaurant


Roadside iins

1760 - 1770

where strangers crowded around mediocre buffets of tepid roasts & over sauced legumes.(“How the French Revolution Gave Birth to the Restaurant Business | Mental Floss,”)

the geographical research

1765 - 1900

Tavern restaurants existed not only in France but also in other countries. in Germany,Spain,and Alsace.

first proper restaurant in the Western world

1765 - 1900

The first proper restaurant on earth was found by Monsieur Boulanger(“Who Invented the First Modern Restaurant?,” 2015)

Parisian "health food"

1780 - 1789

Led to a handful of reputable dining halls, where customers could sit at the individual table

Parisian Restaurants

1789 - 1790

The Parisian restaurants became tourist attraction on par with Notre Dame

Jean Sign

1793 - 1794

A sign over the door, that read "We welcome people of the best sort"

Fine Dining

1793 - 1794

Fine Dining hit a rocky period during the Reign of Terror(“The History of Fine Dining: Modern,” n.d.)

modern day estaurant

1800 - 1900

traced back to 18th century

August Escoffier's 1st hotel

1820 - 1900

He was the first to offer luxury accommodation and gourmet dining all under one roof.

Rise of cafes


cafe was established in Parisian culture as a social institution, it replaced the Ecole des Beaux Arts and in the formation of a new art movement.(Coman, 2000)

fine dining restaurants


Became landscape for wealthy aristocratic