RC Timeline-Group 2

Bertke, Brown, Hof, Rowe, Slencsak, Zimmerer

Indus River Valley Civilization

Early Harappan Period

3300 BC - 2600 BC

Small village communities developed into large urban centers along the Indus River and its tributaries in modern-day Pakistan and northwest India. Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro are two cities of great importance.
Image: Map of Indus River Valley Civilization

Writing Developed

3000 BC

The Indus people used a unique combination of hieroglyphics in their writings that have not yet been deciphered. Until these writings are fully understood, some important details of the civilization will remain a mystery.

Mature Harappan Period

2600 BC - 1900 BC

During this phase the population grew to almost 5 million people. Cities were planned communities, constructed of baked bricks of uniform size, with well developed sanitary systems.

Image: Mohenjo-Daro

Late Harappan Period

1900 BC - 1300 BC

This phase marked the end of the Indus River Valley Civilization. Writings began to disappear, cities bricked over the advanced drainage systems and baths. Reasons for the decline might be: an earthquake changed the course of the river(s), over-use of land sources. or climate change.

Iron Age Begins

1700 BC

Image: Silver coins from Iron Age

Vedic Period

1500 BC - 500 BC

Image: Parvati, wife of Shiva, Hindu goddess.

Caste System Emerges-Brahman priests on top.

700 BC

Image: Brahman priest with his wife.

Prince Siddhartha Gautama becomes the Buddha and Buddhism is founded.

527 BC

Image: Figure of Buddha

Alexander the Great arrives in northern India

326 BC

Image: Alexander the Great

Ancient Egypt RC

Early settlers in the Nile River Valley

3500 BC

Image: Ancient Egypt

Early Hieroglyphic Script Developed

3100 BC

Pyramids of Giza Built

2600 BC

Central government began to break down.

2125 BC

Height of Egyptian Power

1400 BC

Ancient Egypt created military expeditions which brought the eastern coast of the Mediterranean under Egyptian rule.

Alexander the Great conquered Egypt

332 BC

Rosetta Stone Carved

200 BC

Ancient China RC

People plant crops along the Huang He

10000 BC

Invention of making silk cloth.

2696 BC

Xia Dynasty

2000 BC

Image: Pottery from Xia Dynasty-tripod pitcher

Shang Dynasty came into power

1786 BC

Image: Bronze spearheads from the Shang Dynasty

Zhou Dynasty came into power

1046 BC

Image: Bronze tiger on top of water buffalo-Zhou Dynasty

Confucius was born.

551 BC

Image: Temple of Confucius

The crossbow is first used in China

342 BC

Mesopotamia River Civilization

Sumerians moved to Mesopotamia

5000 BC

Sumer-large and powerful cities were built.

4000 BC

Sumer people built temples called Ziggurats to worship their gods.

The development of communicating with symbols emerges.

3300 BC

The Sumerians start to use mathematics using base 60.

3000 BC

Babylonian King took power over Mesopotamia

1792 BC

Alexander the Great invades the land and conquers the Persian Empire

333 BC