Mary Cassatt


Mary Cassatt born

May 22, 1844

British citizen Henry Jones invents self-raising flour

March 11, 1845

US declares war on Mexico

May 13, 1846

Robert Thompson patents rubber tire

May 8, 1847

Mary Cassatt starts school

April 1860

Cassatt moves to Paris, France

December 1865

Cassatt's artwork is accepted by "The Salon"

May 1868

Edgar Degas invite Cassatt to show with a group called the Impressionists

May 1877

'Women with a pearl necklace' sold to Philadelphia Museum of Art


'The child's bath' sold to the Art institute of Chicago


'Mother and child before a pool' sold to the Brooklyn Museum


Slavery ends in China

March 10, 1910

Mary Cassatt dies in Paris, France

June 14, 1926