The Evolution of Life on Earth


Organic Molecules

Approx. 1 January 1900

— The formation of organic molecules (Carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids and nucleic acids) which occurred in the Earth’s atmosphere.


Approx. 1 January 1905 - Approx. 1 January 1910

— The development of more complex molecules and structures due to frequent interaction.

Prokaryotic Heterotrophic Cells

Approx. 1 January 1910 - Approx. 1 January 1920

— Prokaryote heterotrophic cells were believed to be the first type of living cells. Did not contain a nucleus or membrane bound organelles.

Prokaryotic Autotrophic Cells

1 January 1920 - 1 January 1925

— Prokaryotic autotrophic cells were able undergo the process of photosynthesis and produce its own food from inorganic molecules.

Eukaryotic Cells

1 January 1925 - 1 January 1930

— Eukaryotic cells were created from to the consumption of smaller prokaryotic cells. They had a nucleus and membrane bound organelles.

Colonial Organisms

1 January 1930 - 1 January 1935

— Colonial organisms originated from the bound of parent-daughter cells. Individual cells are linked together by its proteins and their cytoplasm.

Multicellular Organisms

1 January 1935 - 1 January 1940

— Multicellular organisms are a group of cells which work in conjunction ad depend on each other, but do not all perform the same roles.