Richard Pierpoint's Life


Born: 1744


Bondu, Senegambia (West Africa)

Peaceful Beginning

1744 - 1760

In 1744, Richard Pierpoint was born in Bondu, a peaceful place where they grew cotton, tobaco, maize and rice. They were cunning traders and expert cattle ranchers.

The sale

1760 - 1776

In average grade 11, africans were sold in groups to become slaves in europe. Pierpoint was abducted to become a slave.

Offering Freedom

1776 - 1788

Richard Pierpoint and a bunch of other black slaves were offered a chance for freedom when the americans rebelled against the british and needed troops. They were offered freedom if they won the war.

Pierpoint was given 200 acres

1788 - 1815

He was given 200 acres for his outstanding services. A regular gift of land would usually be only 100 but his commander John Butler considered him like a NCO (Non commissioned officer) so he was given 100 extra acres.

The petition to free black people


Pierpoint singed multiple petitions to free black slaves but they were constantly declined.

The outbreak


following the war of 1812, richard attempted one last time to have a free negro country but again he was declined. The group of black men fought in wars at the age of 55-65.

The ending

1815 - 1837

As richard gets older, he requests a final command of being able to go back home to his country in africa and asks for a boat ticket but is rejected and given 50 more acres.



Richard Pierpoint passed away in 1837