Timeline of the Stages of Evolution

Add one million to each date


Origin of Organic Molecules

Approx. 4500 BC

Formation of organic molecules from inorganic molecules

Origin of Membranes

Approx. 4000 BC - Approx. 3500 BC

Creation of membranes allows for enclosed chemicals within a microstructure
Proteins and nucleic acids begin to replicate

Origin of Procaryotic Heterotrophic Cells

Approx. 3500 BC - Approx. 2500 BC

Cells obtain energy from environment

Procaryotic Autotrophic Cells

Approx. 2500 BC - Approx. 2000 BC

Ozone layer forms
Cells developed own pathway to make their own food

Eucaryotic Cells

Approx. 2000 BC - Approx. 1500 BC

Single cells begin to develop
Cells have nucleuses and engulfed other cells to form their structure or organelles

Origin of Colonial Organisms

Approx. 1500 BC - Approx. 1000 BC

Cells begin working as a cooperative group

Origin of Multicellular Organisms

1000 BC - 500 BC

Cells become more specialised and work together to form multicellular organisms