Richard Pierpoint

Richard Pierpoint was a true Canadian who fought for the queen. He had been denied things he wanted many times but he stayed loyal to the Queen and the British empire.




He was born in Bondu, Senegambia, West Africa. A community of farmers and traders.


1758 - 1760

He had been captured by slave traders and taken from his community in Africa. Then taken to market to be sold to people in the slave market.



He was sold and he was branded by a British officer named Pierpoint and forcibly transported to New England where he began his life as a slave..


1760 - 1776

With his new christian name he was given he worked as a slave and was given what he needed (food and clothes) but was not a free man.


1776 - 1788

When the american revolution began black slaves where offered to fight for their freedom. this resulted in the creation of the Butler's Rangers in which Richard Pierpoint was a member


1788 - 1812

After the British loss in the revolution Pierpoint and the loyalists escaped to Canada where Pierpoint lived on 200 acres with other free blacks.

War of 1812

1812 - 1815

During the war of 1812 Pierpoint served as a soldier for the british military. Again serving in a black regiment, the regiment was disbanded and Pierpoint was given 100 acres of forest land to live on.

late life

1815 - 1837

After receiving his 100 acres of land for being a veteran to the military he decided to try and get a return ticket to Bondu in turn for his 100 acres but was denied he lived there until death in 1837.