Richard Pierpoint's Life




Richard Pierpoint was born in 1744 in Bondu, Senegambia, West Africa.



He was captured by Europeen Slavers. He was on a boat being brought to the New World for between two weeks and two months. He was chained to another man the whole time.



Once he was unloaded from the ship in the Barbados, he was made presentable enough to be sold as a slave. He was sold to a British soldier named Pierpoint.

Enlisted in the army


Richard Pierpoint signined up to fight the Americans for King George. He signed up because if he survived the war he would be freed. The King's slave compagny is the same one that captured Pierpoint. Richard Pierpoint was now called Captain Dick or Pawpine.

Left The Army


Pawpine left the army, a veteran. He was finally a free man.

Granted A Parcel Of Land


Around the area of where St. Catherines, Ontario is today Pawpine was given a parcel of land because he was a veteran. Conditions of him being given the land were to clear the land he was given and to build a dwelling on it. This took him three years to do.

Obtained Three More Parcels Of Land


He cleared the lots and built dwellings but later sold them. He sold them because that area was filled with whites. He lacked a sense of belonging.

Petitioned Governor John G. Simcoe


Pawpine aswell as other free Africans sent a petition to Governor John G. Simcoe. This was the Petition of Free Negroes. They wanted to have a place to settle for just African's away from the whites. The governor dismissed this request.

No Longer Considered A "Loyalist"


Pawpine was African so they didn't consider him a "loyalist" anymore even though he had fought in the war for the king.

Enlisted To Fight American's


He enlisted to fight the American's. They invaded Canada in order to obtain more land. The British agreed to let Pawpine, a man of 68 years fight but he was not permitted to lead.

Got Upgraded


Pawpine's unit The Coloured Corps were in many important battles. In 1813 this unit got upgraded and became a branch of the Royal Engineers.

Became A Labourer


The war was over and so Pawpine went back to making his living by being a labourer.

Requested A Ticket to Africa


Pawpine sent a petition to Lieutenant Governor Maitland saying that he was old, had no property and was nothing but a labourer. He asked for a ticket home to Africa. Instead he was given a parcel of wilderness and the same conditions to clear the parcel of land and build a dwelling.

Built His House


Four years after he was given the new land he had it cleared and had a house built.



Eleven years after his land had been cleared he died in present day Fergus, Ontario.