Richard Pierpoint




He was born in Bondo, Senegambia, West Africa

Early life


Richard Pierpoint was captured for slavery when he was sixteen, he was branded showing that he belonged to the Royal African Company.Threw hard situations he refused to die. He was put through alot but, his courage and his dignity were both very strong.

What he did

1760 - 1780

Richard was a personal servant for a British officer before he escaped from him. He was never found or heard from until 20 years later in Fort Niagara. He had finally earned his freedom by joining to fight for the Americans of King George who was also the king of the slave company that had first bought and sold him.

New life

1780 - 1784

His name was now Captain Dick, also known as Pawpine. He was a member of a group that was part of the British army called the Butler's Rangers. That where he fought Americans. He never left the army until it had ended in 1784.

After war

1784 - 1794

Once again Richard Pierponit was never heard from unti 1788 when he was granted, as a veteran, a 200-acre parcel of land in St.Catharines. By 1791 he was the owner of two lots of forest, but had turned it into a farm and then sold it. It wasn't until 1794 when Richard and a number of other free Africans were denied when they asked for their own Tract of Country so they could be separated from the white settlers.

aging years

1821 - 1837

At the age of seventy-seven with no family and hardly any friends, all he had asked for was to be returned to Bondo for the remaining of his life. A simple ticket to Africa. Instead he was given a location ticket for a parcel of land in Niagara. Although it wasn't what he wanted, he took it and spent fours years clearing it up and building his own home. He lived there until his death around 1837.