Richard Pierpoint


Birth Date


Richard Pierpoint was born in 1744 in Bondu, Senegambia, West Africa.

About him

1744 - 1760

He was probably a Fulani which is the dominant tribe of Bondu State. Also he was probably Moslem. Nobody knows what his real name was, until it was changed to Richard Pierpoint by the man who ownded him. Richard never got married.

Richard was bought


Richard was bought by the Pierpoint family, who gave him their last name. They baptized him Christian and gave him the name Richard. Richard had to slave for them and in return they would clothe and shelter him.



After 2 months on the ship, he was off-loaded probably to Barbados where they fattened him up for a few weeks to be auctioned.

Ocean Journey


Richard was boarded onto a ship with many other slaves. The journey was somewhere between 2 weeks and 2 months. He was crammed onto a tiny shelf to live in a dark room with many other slaves, the room smelled like urine and vomit, and you could hear slaves crying. Every day the slaves were brought to the deck where they were fed and washed with icy cold seawater.



When he was about 16 years old, Richard was captured, branded and sold to the Europeans. He was brought to New England by boat and was bought as a slave.

Fort Niagra


He served in Butler's Rangers which was a loyalist battalion in Fort Niagra because they enlisted slaves who were willing to fight for their freedom.

End of War

1783 - 1786

After they lost the war, Richard was brought to Canada where he was finally a free man for the first time in 20 years. He was given 200 acres of land, although he had asked for a one way ticket back to Bondu, he was rejected and they said he must take the land. Richard worked for 3 years to clear the land and build a home near what is now St. Catherine's, Ontario.

Sells land


Richard sold his land in Janurary 1971 because it was too dangerous for im to turn the forest land into farm land.

Richard Pierpoint Dies


Richard was buried on his own land when he died, in 1837