PE Timeline


Johann Bernard Basedow

Approx. 1749 - Approx. 1768

From when he started physical education to when he died

Birth of Physical Education

Approx. 1749

Physical Education was first introduced by Johann Basedow

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

Approx. 1811 CE - Approx. 1852 CE

From his work on PE to his death

George Bancroft

Approx. 1825

Sports become popularized

1849 - 1891

Physical Education made madatory


The effects

What Johann did

Approx. 1760

~Johann first discovered the importance of physical education in 1749
~He spent his time working to develop a curriculum for the class and opened the first PE school in germany
~He shared his beliefs by writing a treatise entailing what he had learned about the importance of this different type of education.
~He was the first person to require PE uniforms and the concept of dressing out for class
~He believed that having stronger children would help with the overall health of the country

What Friedrich did


~Friedrich was another german who emphasived the importance of Physical education and continued the practices of Johann
~One innovation however, was his emphasis on how PE affected te mind as well as the body
~He believed that PE helped with traits like discipline and would come into play at later parts of their lives
~He was able to show children that with a little motivation, physical education could be easy and everyone could do it so long as they tried their best.
~He was one of the first to insist upon a separate location for PE to take place that was still on the school grounds, like a gym

What George did

Approx. 1825

~George was one of the first americans to bring PE into the curriculum.
~He believed that PE was important for everyone just as a life skill and he wanted to spread this belief to his country.
~He opened the first physical education school in America

The effects of popular sports

Approx. 1850

~You know of these sports, you've seen them all the time, football, basket ball, you name it.
~When these sports became popular, more and more people began to watch, and play them
~Aspiring to be like their favorite professional player, they got o their feet and tried to be more active.
~Eventually these sports started being taught in schools so the younger generation could learn how to play them
~As time went on, people were rewarded for their ability to play these sports, with scholarships and money, even further motivation to keep teaching these sports and keep kids active.

What did Mandatory PE do?


~When PE became mandatory, all the kids who were being educated across the nation now had to take PE
~This started building the concept of strength and discipline into their daily lives, they had to start taking care of themselves
~ Eventually they began to teach actual health related subjects and the students were able to learn in a hands on experience
~The wide spread of PE was very beneficial to help students grow and prosper so that they could be as successful as possible.