timeline of my life



27 September 1987


My first day of garden


I start my garden

born my brother

7 August 1989


10 December 1989

My godfathers are Jaime and lilia

I start my school

Approx. 1994

I start my school

15 years

14 September 2002

I am 15 years old, for the celebration it has been made a party

My first job

1 December 2004

I work in the sale from cell phones

my graduation

7 November 2005

I graduated from high school

first communion

Approx. 2006

I receive my first communion at age 19 years old

the death of my grandfather

3 January 2006

my graduation trip

7 January 2006

My first daughter

16 October 2007

commitment with my husband

7 March 2010

Birth second daughter

6 November 2013

San andres islas

Approx. 2014

I travel to san andres islands with my family


Approx. 2015

I return to my studies of psychology

I study the seventh psychology semester

5 July 2017