Physical Education


First Olympics is held

Approx. 776 B.C.

Events: Boxing, footrace, archery, spear throwing, and discus
- With the rise of Rome the Olympics declined
- 393 B.C. the Games were abolished by Roman Emperor, Theodosius I
-1892-1898 French baron revived the Olympics

Italian Physician, Vittorino da Feltre, starts childhood physical education classes


Denmarks Bill of 1814 establishes first ever mandatory Physical Education class


Charles Beck becomes first physical education teacher in the U.S.


Charles Follen opens first college gymnasium at Harvard


Normal Institute Founded In Boston


California Becomes First State To Pass P.E. Legislation


-Beecher's influence started the American system of exercise
-Between 1855-1900 there were several debates referred to as the Battle of Systems
-Law was an influence to other states
- Many states in the United States adopted this law for their own schools

First Professional Baseball Team


Nils Posse starting teaching Swedish gymnastics in Boston


First Modern Olympics in Athens


-Caused the first largest international participation of any sporting event to date
-Coubertin and the IOC were petitioned by prominent figures to hold all the following Games in Athens, however it was already scheduled to partake in Paris
-The Olympic flame was first lit in 1928
- Up to 14 nations took participation in these events

First World Series


Eight states pass physical education legislation requiring some sort of physical training

1915 - 1918

Illinois, New York, California, Nevada, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Delaware and

More states pass the physical education legislation

1919 - 1925

Alabama, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Oregon, Utah,
Washington, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Misouri,
North Carolina, West Virginia, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Carolina and Tennessee

Winter Olympics Initiated in France


Roger Bannister breaks four-minute mile


President Kennedy reforms the Council on Youth Fitness started by Eisenhower


Title IX bans sexual discrimination in schools for academics and athletics


-After the ban, women were being enrolled in college and entered careers previously geared towards men
-School administrators couldn't legally dictate which student can take which class based on gender
-Schools had legal obligation to prevent and address any reported sexual harassment
-Allowed girls to play in sports and receive scholarships

AAHPER Health-Related Physical Fitness Test


Physical Education for Progress Act is approved by Congress


Bush Administration imposes a moratorium on the PEP bill