Complete ROI

3/25/10 - 5/7/10

Executive Summary

5/8/10 - 5/22/10

Develop multimedia presentation including video, photos, and power-point

Pricing and Licensing

5/23/10 - 6/6/10

Address/satisfy JHU/JHMI pricing and licensing concerns: contact Technology Transfer Office and see medical journals in lab

Market and Pricing

6/7/10 - 6/14/10

Developmental Phase: Define target market with pricing information (similar to Consumers Reports). Include university clinical trials and on-going basic research

Ad Copy

6/15/10 - 7/1/10

Develop ad copy for each of the five hand-opening device designs

Passive Design (Flat Blade)

Create Sketch & Identify Parts

3/25/10 - 3/30/10

Create Mock-up

3/31/10 - 4/13/10

Test Model & Blade Configurations

4/14/10 - 4/27/10


4/28/10 - 5/7/10

Peer Review

4/28/10 - 5/7/10

Police Officer Test

5/8/10 - 5/15/10


5/16/10 - 5/22/10

CAD model of Flat Blades

5/23/10 - 5/30/10

Arch-less and polished, blue-tempered, spring steel blades in 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" width formats.
Flat, Nitinol super-elastic blades in 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" width formats.
Team: Joey

CAD model of blade sleeves

6/1/10 - 6/8/10

Extruded, sewn-in-place: 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" width, glove mounted, flat-polymer self-lubricating tubing channels for polished, blue-tempered (or NITINOL) spring steel actuator inserts

Blade Attachments

6/9/10 - 6/16/10

Snap-together (via punched hole) multiple-blade, finger tip joining/lifting rivet-fastener

Formal 2-D Drawing

6/9/10 - 6/23/10

Formal 2-D (plan-view and side-view) of passive-hand-opening glove (based on your original designs) as well as our police officer's customized passive glove.
Team: Tabor, Lorre

Active Designs

CAD model of finger hook

3/25/10 - 4/20/10

CAD model of bushings

4/21/10 - 5/14/10

CAD models of manifold components

5/15/10 - 6/5/10

CAD model of TED with Flex Circuit

6/6/10 - 6/20/10

Polymer- coated, TED ingot design (for BSST) with attached flex circuit. Needs to be completed and sent off to BSST to see if they are willing and able to manufacturer.

Team: Matti and Yufeng

CAD Model of Blade Attachments

6/21/10 - 7/18/10

Snap-together, multiple-blade, support bushings, finger tip joining/lifting fastener (the hook). Straight NITINOL blades fitted with polymer based, screw-in, ovalized, hinged and interlocking straightening bushings (three discreet lengths). Screw-in lifting hook (multiple diameters). Equip NITINOL support bushings with cooling (and/or heating) channels.
Team: Yufeng and Aaron

CAD model of Force-Multiplying Hinges

7/19/10 - 7/26/10

Truncated pieces of NITINOL (as force-multiplier hinges for hand-closing) with lock-in-place (punched-hole design), straightening bushings equipped with TED cooling (and/or heating) channels

CAD model of External Components

7/27/10 - 8/10/10

Externally worn micro-processor, battery pack and cooling (ambient air) fan (these may need to be separate designs or some combination thereof.
Team: Aaron

CAD models of Actuator Components

8/11/10 - 8/25/10

Actuator components like conduit materials (in various diameters that may be down-loadable as a CAD file, from various manufacturers [and save us duplicate design time])

CAD model of Manifold

8/26/10 - 9/9/10

Complex in-glove manifold with and with articulating thumb, processor and 3v DC battery-pack raceway.

CAD model of External Heat/Cooling Supply

9/10/10 - 10/1/10

Externally worn TED cooling and heating supply unit with fan and battery pack (these may need to be separate designs or some combination thereof. Externally-cooled (and/or heated) manifold supply pack with barbed air-deliveryattachment. Externally worn TED cooling and heating supply unit with fan and battery pack and ensure that thumb armature has rotational stops in place. Add stand-offs and flex circuit alignment pins (like the ones inside the sample mouse housings in the lab,to support concealed RF microprocessor with ZIF connectors to each finger.

CAD model of TED Supports

10/1/10 - 10/07/10

Sewn-in-place, glove mounted, straightening supports (for TED actuator inserts).

CAD model of Battery Pack

10/8/10 - 10/15/10

Externally worn, Velcro wrist strapped, battery pack and ambient air cooling fan.

Passive Design (Nested Blades)

CAD models of Nested Blades

5/8/10 - 5/22/10

Team: Aaron


Bone Lengths

5/15/10 - 5/22/10

Find percentile knuckle lengths for male and female

Custom zone heating strips

5/23/10 - 5/30/10

Find companies that can make custom zone heating strips and get quotes. Try Thomas.net

ZIF Qoute

5/31/10 - 6/6/10

Obtain quotes of 1/4” Wide Kapton, etched foil zone-heat with ZIF male or female connectors and continuous heater strips @ 7.5” long; keep inventory small


6/7/10 - 6/28/10

Find EMG pickup-RFID adjuncts for wireless communication. We need to understand the FDA implications, restrictions, classifications and prohibitions of using implantable sensors to communicate with our selected micro-processor. As it stands now, we are leaning towards substituting a non-invasive wireless EMG pick-up that someone must have already developed. If an RFID type of EMG pick-up is not available, we need to ask for help from an EMG OEM or RFID OEM to produce one, otherwise we are stuck with hard wiring the stick-on pick-ups just like the doctor’s office already uses to check your heart. Wireless microprocessor: What is available? (COTS), How programmable are they?

Basic Research Hand-book

6/29/10 - 7/18/10

Begin the process of building a Basic Research Hand-book and academic guide, based on selected elements from our on-line website