Study of Physical Education


First Physical Education Teacher

Approx. January 1, 1774

He was the first modern physical education teacher at Johann Basedow's Philanthropinum. The Philanthropinum was designated to fitness in any type.

Friedrich Jahn

Approx. January 1, 1810

He was one of the first people to get physical education classes accepted by a country. He set up classes for it all over France during the Napoleonic Wars to try to get the French youth fit for war.

First Bill on mandatory Physical Education


In 1814, passed a bill that made it mandatory to have physical education in classes at the schools.

Formation of Association for the Advancement of Physical Education

November 27, 1885

In 1885, William G. Anderson held a meeting with people who were concerned with physical education. They then formed the Association for the Advancemnt of Physical education.

Creation of the NCAA

November 2, 1910

Presidents of five major universities to create this to help with the youth of America. We now know the NCAA as having the best college teams to battle in sports.

Title IX

November 2, 1972

Passes by the Supreme Court, it's first intention was to stop the wage gap, but it also opened the door for women to compete more in sports.