CCUSA Career Creating International - Canada & USA & Canada Work

Work Experience Canada

Apply to Work Experience Canada

Approx. June 2017

Apply, interview and then start interviewing with Canadian Ski Resorts & Employer

Apply for Canadian Visa

Approx. Sept 2017

Interview with Canadian Employers

Approx. Sept 2017 - Approx. Nov 2017

Working in Canada

Approx. December 2017 - Approx. April 2018

Work in Canada with CCUSA on with Work Experience Canada program

Head back to Canada

Approx. October 2018 - Approx. April 2019

CCUSA finds you a new job, you return to your old employer or find your own job

Camp Counselors USA

Work at a US Summer Camp

Apply to Camp Counselors USA

Approx. June 2017

Apply & pay prior to August 31st for Early Bird Discount

Interview with Summer Camps

Sept 2017 - Approx. June 2018

Interview's with US Summer Camps can happen between these dates. The Early you apply typically the earlier your placement

Apply for my US Visa

Approx. November 2017 - Approx. May 2018

This will depend on you get placed, or if you are leaving on the Work Experience Canada or Work UK program and we have time for you to do your visa prior to departure

Camp Job Fairs

11/29/2017 - 12/05/2017

Perth - 29 Nov
Adelaide - 30 Nov
Melbourne - 2 Dec
Sydney - 3 Dec
Brisbane - 5 Dec

Working at US Summer Camp

Approx. June 2018 - Approx. August 2018

Travel time in the USA

Approx. Sept 2018 - Approx. Oct 2018

You get 30 days to travel and sight-see around the USA