Metis travel to Montana


4 Metis men traveled to Montana which is where Luis Riel had escaped to. They wanted Riel to lead a protest against the federal government.

battle of Duck Lake

March 1885

Dumont and his men raided the local store for supplies. Men on both sides were killed.

Riel creates provisional gouvernment

March 1885

Just like in 1870 Riel creates a provisional government with the help of Dumont and his men.

Riel gets caught

May 1885

During the battle of Batoche Dumont lead his men against the federal government. After a number of failed attacks Riel surrendered and was captured. Dumont and his men escaped.

Riels trial

July 1885

Following his arrest Riel was placed in jail for eight weeks. He pleaded not guilty to a charge of treason. His lawyers tried to convince him to plead insanity so he would not be killed.

The sentencing and aftermath

July 1885

The jury found Riel guilty of treason. it was debated for weeks after among the federal government but sure enough he was hung in front of the public. This created anger in Quebec