Northwest Rebellion

Amy 8H


Manitoba Act


The federal government promised to set aside land for 7000 descendants of the Red River Metis

Louis Riel's Return to Canada

May 1884

A group of four Metis men want to lead their protest against the federal government

Petition to the Federal Government

December 1884

Riel and his followers petitioned the federal government to settle both Metis and new settler land claims

Response from the Government

February 1885

The federal government responded, promising to form the committee to investigate the land claims

Creating a new Provisional Government

March 19 1885

Riel created a provisional government, who had begun to refer to himself as a "Prophet of the New World" was appointed president

Alert for the troops

March 22 1885

The federal government alerted government troops to prepare for possible action in the Northwest


March 25 1885

Dumont and his men raided the local store in Duck Lake. The next day a group of 100 North-West Mounted Police tried to track down Dumont and his 300 men in order to take back the stolen supplies

The Battle

May 9 1885

A group of government troops decided to charge the Metis front line. The Metis militia numbered only 50 to 60 men at this point

Riel surrendered

May 15 1885

He believed that a public trial might bring attention tot he Metis struggle against the government

Riel in jail

July 20 1885

He was placed in jail for eight weeks, his trial then began soon after in which he pleaded guilty to a charge of treason

Riel's death

November 16 1885

After a four-day trial, the jury found Riel guilty of treason, but recommended mercy. Macdonald and his cabinet decided to hang Riel