Physical Education Timeline


Physical Education in Germany

1749 - 1812

This marks Germany's early start in physical education

Physical Education/Progress in America

1825 - 1900

This marks the date when America catches onto physical education


Johann Bernard Basedow

1749 - 1760

This marks the start and end of his career in physical education

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

1809 - 1840

This marks the end and start of his career in physical education

Charles Beck and George Bancroft

1816 - 1825

This marks the end and start of their careers in physical education. Charles Beck: 1816-1825. George Bancroft: 1824-1825.

Popular Sports are Invented

1845 - 1891

Popular Sports are invented and played very frequently during this time.

Physical Education is Made Mandatory


Physical Education is made mandatory in schools in California.


Dates are of no importance in this section

Effects of Johann Bernard Basedow

1760 - 1796
  1. Johann Bernard Basedow inspires the careers of many people who come after him.
  2. Shows the importance of physical education to the world.
  3. Passes on his methods via a treatise wrote by him called, "On the Best and Hitherto Unknown Method of Teaching Children of Noblemen."
  4. Inspires the way that many physical education classes work today, including the requirement for students to wear a uniform.

Effects of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

1811 - 1840
  1. Showed his students the importance of motivation in physical fitness via the need to free Germany.
  2. Showed that physical fitness could be beneficial and easy
  3. Shows that physical fitness can hold physical and moral benefits.
  4. Also emphasized the importance of having assigned areas for physical fitness and education by opening a school designated to physical education.

Effects of Charles Beck and George Bancroft

1816 - 1843
  1. George Bancroft builds the first physical education school in America
  2. George Bancroft shows that physical fitness and education is important no matter what your reason is.
  3. Charles Beck builds the first Gymnasium in America
  4. Charles Beck becomes the first person to translate Friedrich Ludwig Jahn's work (to English)

Effects Created by Popular Sports

1845 - 1865
  1. Most of these sports that are created are highly criticized at first.
  2. Baseball is invented by Alexander Cartwright in 1845
  3. Basketball is created James Naismith in 1891
  4. United teams, states, and even whole countries via these sports.
  5. Taught teamwork throughout the sports.
  6. Created increased physical activity due to the strive to become better at these sports.
  7. Also made running, jumping, and other physical activities fun.

Effects Created by the Making of Mandatory Physical Education

  1. Pushed other states to try for mandatory physical education.
  2. Helped insure better mental, physical, and academic performance in schools
  3. Set a standard of measurement, that measured health and fitness in schools.
  4. Promoted exercise due to its obvious health and physical benefits.