Young Justice


Season 1 Ends

January 1, 2011

After this date, Dick becomes Nightwing

October 26, 2012

Jason Todd joins the team

November 2012

*Not canon

Monika Simon (Marigold) dies

Jan 2013

Mari's 16th Birthday

March 29 2013

Mari's 17th Birthday

March 29 2014

Barry and Iris adopt Mari

July 2014

Mari is 16

Mari leaves the team

September 2014

Jason Todd dies

September 2014

*Non Canon

Tim Drake becomes Robin

January 2015

*Not Canon

Aquagirl Dies

FEBRUARY 17 2015

Tim Drake is Robin. Jason Todd MUST be dead.
Wally and Artemis Retire sometime after this

Dick's Birthday

December 1, 2015

Artemis and Wally call Dick; they're no longer on the team at this point

Season 2 starts

Jan 2016

Mari's 18th Birthday

March 29 2016