History of Canada Time Line


The Sovereign Council of Quebec


France passes an Edict that creates The Sovereign Council of Quebec. This made New France a province and allowed for a civil government

The Royal Proclamation of 1763


The British take over New France.
The Royal Proclamation of 1763 sets out civil laws for Quebec

The Quebec Act


Authorized the use of French civil law and permitting the free exercise of the Roman Catholic religion. This act is the original legal source of Quebec's subsequent position affirming its continuing recognition as a distinct society in North America.

Constitution Act


This divided Quebec into two provinces: Upper and Lower Canada. Both provinces had a governor, executive council and an elected assembly. Had "Representative Government" but not "Responsible Government".


1837 - 1838

Mackenzie against Family Compact. Papineau against Chateau Clique. They demand for responsible government.

Lord Durham's Report


Recommended the following:
Reunite the provinces. French language was not to be used. Goal was to assimilate the French.
Responsible government.

Act of Union


Province of Canada created: Canada East and Canada West.
By 1848 responsible government is established but it was not representative of the difference in populations between Canada East and Canada West.



Only men who own property are allowed to vote.

The Confederation

1 July 1867

The British North America Act (BNA Act). It joined New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Canada East and Canada West. They are united by and under a strong Federal government to help prevent civil war like in the US.
Dvision of roles between the Federal government and the Provincial governments.
Seats in the Federal government based on the rep by population of each province.

The Chinese Head Tax


It was a tax that the government charged in each chinese person who tried to come to Canada and it was growing for years. Started at $500 to $800. Also known as chinese banned.

Battle of Ypres


Women have the right to vote


Women in Manitoba become the first in Canada win the right to vote in provincial elections.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge


Captured the hill and took power of it. The Canadians pushed the German back and about a year and a half later World War One ended.

Statute of Westminster


This gave Canada control of its foreign for the first time (Prior to this the British decided Canada's foreign policy).

Native Canadians can vote


Native people won the right to vote.

New Flag of Canada

15 February 1965

Canada gets a new red-and-white, maple leaf flag.
The new flag is inaugurated.

Reduced the age to vote


The votting age is reduced from 21 to 18

Terry Fox


He died in the middle of his cross-Canada Marathon of Hope. Terry Fox raises about $25 million dollars for cancer research and cancer kids.

Constitution Act


Canada officially becomes its own country. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is added to Canada's Constitution.