Iven Giffard Mackay


Iven Enlisted

6th of August 1914

Iven had an accident

October 1914

Iven as in a horse riding accident which left him with several broken ribs

Iven left for Albany

22nd of December 1914

Iven left for Albany to join the second convoy

The second convoy left for Egypt

31st of December 1914

They arrived in Egypt

31st of January 1915

Iven landed in Gallipoli

8th of May 1915

ottoman offence

19th of may 1915

Iven's platoon help resist the large ottoman. A shell went of next to him and buried him

Lone Pine

6th of August 1915 - 9th of August 1915

Iven was wounded in the thigh and has to leave the war and recover

Iven re-joined the Australian Forces in Egypt

February 1916

Iven was sent to Western Front

March 1916

Mackay earned the Distinguished Service Order

3rd of December 1916

The Distinguished Service Order was awarded to Mackay on 3 December 1916 for distinguished and gallant services in the field for his efforts at Pozières and Mouquet Farm.

Iven's daughter Jean was born

July 1919