French Revolution


Louis XVI reign

1774 - january 1793

king at 20
not expected to take the throne - bro died 1761
married Marie-Antoinnette in 1770 to reunite France and Austria
coronated in reim 1775
lived at Versailles
expensive lavish life here
Marie-Antoinette nicknamed the l'autrichienne as austrians unpopular and used her influence to promote them
elaborate system of etiquette at versailles - royal levee=king wakeup
lived in relative isolation - not acknowledging a superior was a serious crime
divine right belief - absolutist
alone had power to make rules and prevented opposition using lettres de cachet
only restraints were TRADITION which included being dutiful to the law

Origins of the French Revolution

Louis XVI starts rule


Coronation in Reim


Louis declares war on England in support of American Revolution


Assembly of Notables; parlement remonstrates against a land tax and is exiled


day of tiles in Grenoble

June 1788

France declared Bankrupt

August 1788

Announcement of Estates-General for May 1789

August 1788

Sieyes publishes "WHAT IS 3RD ESTATE" pamphlet

January 1789

Elections for the Estates-General

March 1789 - April 1789

Opening of the Estates General

May 5,1789

3rd estate declares itself national assembly

17 June 1789

Tennis Court Oath

June 20, 1789

Experiment in Constitutional Monarchy

Storming of the Bastille

14 July 1789

Great fear, august decrees on feudalism, declaration of rights of man and citizen

August 1789

Women's march on versailles

october 1789

Emergence and spread of Terror

Rise of Napoleon and impact on France and Europe

Impact of Napoleon's rule on France

Impact of Napoleon's rule on Europe