Cold War Events


Iron Curtain Speech


The Iron Curtain Speech was delivered by Winston Churchill explaining how the “iron curtain” ran along the western border of East Germany, etc.

Marshall Plan


The Marshall Plan stated that all European nations could receive U.S. money to rebuild their economies, as long as the money was spent on U.S. goods. Congress gave $17 billion in aid.

Molotov Plan


An economic union of Eastern European nations, the Molotov Plan provided a plan for the nations of Eastern Europe to rebuild their economies.

Truman Doctrine


A plan to support free people resisting enslavement by communists or outside pressures. It provided military and economic assistance to nations resisting communism.

Berlin Airlift


The Berlin Airlift started in August 1948 and lasted for 10 months. The U.S. sent two million tons of supplies to West Berlin on cargo planes.

Berlin Blockade


The Soviet Union set up the Berlin Blockade as the first step in creating the new nation of West Germany. All road and rail access to the Western occupation zones in Berlin were closed.

The Soviet Union Tests the Bomb


The Soviets successfully completed their first test of an atomic bomb in 1949. There was a race to build up atomic power, and there was enough to destroy the world.



To defend against the Soviet Union, President Truman signed a military alliance treaty known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Warsaw Pact


The Warsaw Pact was signed between Poland, East Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, and the Soviet Union as the leading power.

The Invasion of Hungary


The Soviet Union used tanks and went into Budapest and rounded up protesters. Hungary was returned to a communist nation.

Berlin Wall


Constructed in 1961, the Berlin Wall’s purpose was to shut the entire border between East and West Berlin. East German soldiers manned the wall and shot anyone attempting to scale it.

The Invasion of Czechoslovakia


The Soviet Union sent Warsaw Pact troops and tanks to restore Czechoslovakia as a communist nation. They faced little resistance.