In Paris

New constitution : Directory (5 directors)

August 1795 - November 1799

Have bad image because can't run France very well. In the opposite, Napoleon becomes more and more popular.

Vendemiaire Uprising

October 5 1795

Napoleon save the revolution and smash the uprising

Napoleon takes power

November 1799

Directors send the 'council of 500' to the West of Paris, because Napoleon warned them of an attempt to overthrow them.
Napoleon, ejected of the assembly, tells the Guard there is trouble in the interior. Guards dissolve the 'council of 500'.
Napoleon + 2 directors --> The 3 consuls of France (Napoleon is the First Consul)


Peace with Prussia and Spain

Approx. 1795

France victorious

The campaign of Italy

March 1796 - Approx. October 1797

Despite problems in the army when N arrives in Nice, he gives confidence to the soldiers and win Battle after Battle. Peace in October 1797, Napoleon come in Triumph in Paris

Napoleon in Egypt

Nov 1, 1797 - Approx. november 1799

Britain (Nelson) destroy French Navy
--> Napoleon stucked with 20 000 men in Egypt
--> Napoleon leave its army to come back to France