Ancient Civilisations (for 7T3)

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Egypt Unified

Approx. 3000 BCE

The Great Pyramids were built

Approx. 2569 BCE

China started

2200 BCE

Silk was first made

Approx. 1700 BCE

The Hyksos Invade!

Approx. 1600 BCE

King Tut!

Approx. 1333 BCE

Zhou Dynasty

Approx. 1122 BCE

Rome started

Approx. 753 BCE

Rome is a republic!

Approx. 509 BCE

China Broke!

481 BCE

(warring period)

Alexander Conquered Egypt

Approx. 332 BCE

The Punic Wars start

Approx. 264 BCE

Qin Dynasty

221 BCE

China's Back

Punic wars end

146 BCE

The Population is one million!

Approx. 1 CE

Rome conquered Egypt

Approx. 30 CE

Rome is an Empire

Approx. 31 CE

End of Han Dynasty

Approx. 220 CE

Rome was Destroyed

Approx. 476 CE


Approx. 2004 CE