How Communication Technologies Have Developed Over Time


First TeleGraph

October 21st 1832

The First Person to develop and perform, the first telegraph successfully was Baron Schilling von Canstatt on the 21st of October 1832.

Beginning of The Pony Express

April 3rd 1861

The Pony Express was a fast mail service that use to cover the listed belo-w places in California:
Great Plains, The Rocky Mountains, The High Sierra St. Joseph, Missouri and Scramto.

Demonstration Of the First Long Distance Tele-phone

October 9th 1876

October 9th 1876 was the historic date when Bell made the 2 long way di-stance call between the 4 cities Cambridge and Boston, USA and Massa-chusetts.

Morse Coded Radio

August 19th 1894

August 19th 1894 was the date when the British physicist Sir Oliver Lodge performed the opening of Morse Code signalling using radio waves.

First Audio Radio Broadcast

December 24th 1906

Reginald Fessenden used 2 main components to make the first audio radio broadcast possible and those 2 components were Alexanderson alternator and Rotary Spark Gap Transmitter. The Alexanderson alternator was a machine that use to rotate created by Ernst Alexanderson in 1904 for the purposes of generating high-frequency altrenating current for use as a radio transmitter. The Rotary Spark Gap transmitter is a device that creates radio frequency- Electromagnetic waves on the basis of a spark gap. The first Audio Radio broadcast was perfromed from Brant Rock, Massachusetts.

First Transcontinental Telephone Call

Jan 25th 1915

The First Transcontinental call was between the 2 men, Thomas Augustus Watson and Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Watson at 333 Grant Avenue in San Francisco recived the call from Alexander Graham Bell from 15 Dey Street in New York City.

First Colour Television

July 2nd 1928

John Logie Baird was the first person in the world to succesfully perform a colour television system which was achieved using a a scanning disc with spirals of red, green, blue filters.

The first Computer- ENIAC


The first Computer ever was invented by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly at the University Of Pennsylvania in the United States Of America. This device was a complete revolutionary invention in that era, the construction of this device started in 1943 and finished it took a whole 3 years to construct. That's not the surprising information the surprising thing is that this computer was no ordinary computer because this computer takes 1800 square feet and used 18000 vacuum tubes.

The Creation Of Apranet

October 29 1969

The head of the information processing office, Robert Taylor was the man who created Apranet. He worked for a agency called DAPRA (DAPRA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). APRANET was a network that use to interconnect different computers at different places to another different computer at a different place. Basically in developed internet.

First Email

July 4th 1971

The first ever email was sent on July the first 1971 and it was sent from a computer engineer, Ray Thomlinson who worked under Arpanet.

First Proper Computer invented- Zerox Alto

March 1st 1973

This was an extremely important and revolutionary invention because this computer was the first proper computer because it was the first ever computer that supported an operating system that was on a GUI, (in that era known as Graphic user interface) now known as a desktop.

First Mobile Phone

April 3rd 1973

Motorola was the first ever compony to invent a hand held phone. This invaluable contribution to the tech world was made by the Motorola's researcher executive,Martin Cooper.

World Wide Web goes public

August 16th 1991

This was the historic date when Berners-Lee posted a small summary of the world wide web project. This special date highlighted the public opening or recognition of the world wide web. By the way if you don't know world wide web is the long form for what we put just before a link, www-

First text message

December 3 1992

This was the historic date when the first ever text message was sent, it was sent by Brit Neil Papworth to the director of Vodafone Richard Jarvis, wishing him a "Happy Christmas".

Creation Of Yahoo

March 1st 1995

The company Yahoo was founded by the 2 men Jerry Yang and David Filo was founded in January 1994 and was incorporated on the historic date- March 1st 1995

Google goes public

August 19 2004

August 19 2004 was the historic date when the world's most widest and most popular search engine was in-cooperated by its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin