history timeline (events)



770 BCE - 716 BCE

Rome founded by Romulus

753 B.C.

He was one of two brothers and the original founder of Rome. He originally founded it along with his brother, Remus. But, at some point he became power hungry and killed his own brother to claim the position of the founder of Rome. He was also believed to be the son of mars when he sent soldiers to seize 30 unmarried women and make them their wives. his story was the birth of an army through betrayal and murder.


543 BCE - 509 BCE

Tarquin is overthrown/ Patricians begin a republic

509 BCE

first punic war with carthage

264 BCE - 241 BCE

second punic war with carthage

218 BCE - 201 BCE

in this Punic war, Hannibal gathers many elephants and attacked Carthage. this war started after Hannibal laid siege to Saguntum, cutting off all of their food supplies and military aid. after that, Rome declared war over Hannibal for a second time after Saguntum fell to his army.

third punic war with carthage

149 BCE - 146 BCE

Africa becomes a roman province

146 BCE


106 BCE - 43 BCE

julius caesar

100 BCE - 44 BCE

Julius Caesar in my opinion is the most powerful and important leader that rome has ever seen. he won wars and built monuments that made Rome look better. he was part of the triumvirates which eventually split up because of jealousy. he lived and died in honor and power. he was murdered by his own friend and a few outsiders that he wasn't associated with. his life a was a noble sybol of Rome.

Augustus Caesar

63 BCE - 14 CE

Germania becomes a roman province

50 BCE

rule of augustus

31 BCE - 14 CE

Egypt becomes a Roman province

30 BCE

Augustus (Octavian) becomes emperor

27 BCE

israel/judaea becomes a Roman province

6 CE

crucifixion of jesus

33 CE

Jesus was a holy man believed to be the son of God. when he spoke of that along with his disciples, he was sentenced to be crucified by the people of Rome. he then resurrected 3 days after his death and disappeared forever.

pompeii destroyed by mt. vesuvious

79 CE

the Roman citizens are having a normal day until the volcano near them erupts and the whole city gets buried in ashes. not many of Romes Monuments still stand and there are no known survivors of the eruption.

Persian wars break out, and barbarian invasions begin

230 CE


272 CE - 337 CE

edict of milan- freedom of religion

313 CE

fall of of empire

476 AD

the last western emperor is deposed

476 CE