Edwards | SFDC team on TVH booth on MedTech trade fair

SFDC team

These are the tasks the guys from the SFDC team can look forward to get done.

define new order of event in lyer

1 June 2017

Define content for QR-Code stickers

1 June 2017

Define questions that will bring the quiz to life

1 June 2017

Review and rebrief PPT Quiz

15 Juni 2017

Preparation of the final Quiz will happen based on the SFDC team's feedback

Putting the QR-Code stickers to the hall

18 Juni 2017

We have to discuss the number and the messages of the QR-Codes

Booth representatives

These are the tasks of the guys, who will take care for the boothstand, where SFDC will be part of

Install the Powerpoint Quiz on the boothstand server

18 Juni 2017

To get the quiz running we have to set up the system one day before the trade fair starts

Preparing the IT environment of the boothstand

18 Juni 2017 - 19 Juni 2017

it depends on, when the boothstand can be set up. As the fair starts on 19.6., we can assume that the setup will have to happen one day before.


Everything your beloved agency is doing with pleasure for the SFDC team

Production of Mobile Phone Cleaners

8 Juni 2017 - 19 Juni 2017

Develop idea for the Landing Page on Microsite

9 Juni 2017 - 12 Juni 2017

Phone Holder sample pickup

9 Juni 2017

Checkup of individualization possibilities

Get Information about availability of Mobile Point

9 Juni 2017

Right now all mobile points are rented out

Develop PPT Quiz

9 Juni 2017 - 11 Juni 2017

Settting up the Powerpoint Quiz

9 Juni 2017 - 11 Juni 2017

Inform Jan about the availability of the Touch Screen for the booth stand

9 Juni 2017

Have requested several suppliers from the professional trade fair business, who will be able to help out easily.

Production of QR-Code stickers

12 Juni 2017 - 16 Juni 2017

Content has to be defined

Drop Phone Holder Sample at Edwards with Individualization proposal

12 Juni 2017

Send PPT Quiz to Jan for review

12 Juni 2017

Programming the Mobile Point for Bluetooth messages

15 Juni 2017 - 17 Juni 2017

Have not got the mobile point yet. Thinking about alternative acquisition methods for getting guests to the boothstand

Rework PPT Quiz accordingly with feedback

16 Juni 2017

Handover "Lead Generation Package" to SFDC team

17 Juni 2017

PSYfiers will hand over:
– Finalized PPT Quiz as a simple Powerpoint file to be operated in the fullscreen mode
– QR-Code stickers
– Programmed Mobile Point (if available until then) with instructions, how to stick it to the boothstand
– Set of Polo-Shirts with Edwards SFDC team embroidery
– 600 Mobile Phone Cleaners with QR-Code
– 100 phone holders for the car with individualized sticker on package/phone holder