Women's basketball




When I heard Full court, five player game instituted for first time for collegiate and AAU games i was very surprised something new. I have a friend of mine that I've been knowing a for years now and he was very delighted to hear about the news for a great amount of girls to play basketball. (56w)

First (partial) scholarships offered to female students


When me and friends was a restaurant and we heard on the radio the there are now scholarships offered to female student we were too excited, we even bought a small dish of ice cream for dessert and celebration. I think my girls would love to play basketball after telling them it is not just a males sport. (58w)

West Virginia's Georgeann Wells registers the first dunk in women's collegiate basketball.


My wonderful husband George and I went to the women's basketball game with West Virginia, and Georgeann wells registered for the first dunk in women's colleglate basketball, everyone was amazed by her tall amazing height to get up that high. How do these women get so tall? we may never know but i was very happy i stood out of my seat and cheered for her. (66w)

AAU, begins organizing leagues and tournaments for girls 12 and up


Now i can have my young teenage girls play basketball for Brown Deer High School. Madison is 12, Michelle 13, and Mady is 15. They are good girls and loves schools they deserve the best in the world. I love them with all my heart, they are my world. (50w)

RULE: Closely guarded distance while holding the ball is six feet, not three. Time-outs 75 seconds, not 60. Technical fouls of any kind are two shots.


When i played basketball in 1869 This rule was not there but now I like the new rule a bit, it is more reasonable but can some times uncertain about things. The crowd goes wild for the team there going for when the ref. calls something they dislike about the foul. My husband has been coaching for 16 years of his career and a surgical doctor. It is hard managing the girls school, his coaching, bills, and us for our 20 years of marriage. He is now retired and better. (100)

Nike introduces "Air Swoopes," the first basketball shoe named after a female basketball player, Sheryl Swoopes.


When my girls first seen to commercial on our television they were all happy and asking me "mom can we please get them!!/" Them not knowing that we still have bills to be paid but I worked it out for them as they've received what they have asked for. (50w)

Lisa Leslie of the Los Angeles Sparks becomes the first woman to dunk during a professional game


When i heard about Lisa Leslie and her first dunk in the WNBA Professional basketball me and my family was very happy and excited to see her achieve a goal for her self. Hearing that on the radio is amazing.(50w)

USA wins fourth straight gold medal in the Beijing Olympics


Kelsey Plum makes NCAA women's basketball history by dropping 57 points to become the all-time leading scorer in NCAA Women's Basketball history