Cathy Freeman


Australian Freedom Rides

Approx. Feb, 1965

Australian adolescents fight for rights for Indigenous Rights


27 May 1967

all Aboriginal people and open means for them to be counted in the census.

Cathy Freeman born

16 February 1973

Selected for Commonwealth Games

Approx. 1989

Gold medalist in 4x100m - Auckland Olympics

Approx. 1990

Young Australian of the Year


Aboriginal Athlete of the year


Australian Government recognition to Aboriginal flag

Approx. 1995

Ranked 2nd in the world


Australian Championships


National Sorry Day (Nation Day of Healing)

26 May 1998

Sydney Olympics


The Apology

13 February 2008

Public admission of past mistreatment, Government Motion of Apology to Australia's Indigenous Peoples


Approx. 2009

Negotiation by governments and Indigenous peoples from around the world. The UNDRIP sets out the rights in indigenous peoples as well as how the government should act.