Resjonique fights for her people and the control of the country

1953 - 1960

Resjonique gains control of the country but struggles to make allies

1960 - 1967

Resjonique requests for all women to vote from ages 18 and up


Resjonique gains two allies named Reja and Siren

1967 - 1974

Resjonique and her companions start to call themselves "Titadel of D.S.D"

1974 - 1981

Titadel of D.S.D form a hierarchy of government such as dictatorship, head of media and education and treasurer and secretary of defense


Titadel of D.S.D passes it's first law ," No men are allowed", and started to deport men out of the country

1981 - 1988

Titadel of D.S.D starts to make an army

1988 - 1995

Titadel of D.S.D starts to make military training


Titadel of D.S.D outlines the first of their several five year plans for the development of Amazonia's economy'

1995 - 2002

Titadel of D.S.D start to set in their 20 laws one of them," Free education unless you're failing",another was "if you violated any of the Amazonia laws were sentenced to death"

2002 - 2009

Titadel of D.S.D set down the law of "when you're going to school during 9th-12th grade you will be put in military training"


Titadel of D.S.D is successfully leading thier people and are now on their five year plan to world domination

2009 - 2016

Titadel of D.S.D successfully went through six of their several five year plans

2011 - 2012

Titadel of D.S.D has successfully conquered all of Europe and is on their way to Asia

2016 - 2023

Amazonia having difficulties with America and Asia but slowly getting the upperhand


Amazonia has successfully conquered majority of the world

2023 - 2030