The Begging of the War of 1812

June 18 1812 - December 24 1814

It was due to impressment of us sailors to join the British navy due to them fighting Napoleon Bonaparte in the Napoleonic war

Begging of the war of 1812

June 18 1812

the war was declared on the British by the us

Battle Of York

April 27 1813

this was a battle where the us wanted to take over York so they could get to upper Canada

The presidents retreat

August 22 1814

In light of the president James Madison knowing that an attack of inment he fled with the exuese to his people of a military check

Burning of the white house

August 24, 1814

The British military burned the white house in retaliation of the battle of York

End of the war of 1812

December 24 1814

The treaty of ghent was shined that gave gave the Britain victory

Battle of new Orleans

January 8 1815

the last battle ever was fought in the war of 1812