World History


Emergence of Hominids in Africa (4,000,000)

200,000 BC

Paleolithic Age Begins(250,000,000BCE)

175000 bce

Homo Erectus Appears(1,600,000BCE)

150,000 bce

Neanderthals Appears(200,000)

80,000 bce

Cro-magnons Emerge(40,000 BCE)

40,000 BCE

Neolithic Age Begins (8,000 BCE)

8,000 BCE

City States form in Mesopotamia(3,000BCE)

3,000 BCE

Completion of the Great Pyramid(2556BCE)

2556 BCE

Sargon Conquers Sumer(2350BCE)

2350 BCE

Mioan Civilization Prospers(2000BCE)

2000 BCE

Hammurabi's Code(1742BCE)

1742 BCE

Mycenaean Culture Thrives(1500BCE)

1500 BCE

Aryans Invade India(1500BCE)

1500 BCE

Israelites Flee Egypt-Exodus(1300BCE)

1300 BCE

MInoan Civilization Ends(1200BCE)

1200 BCe

Phoenicians Dominate Trade(1100BCE)

1100 BCE

Greek City-States Begin to Colonize(900BCE)

900 BCE

Draco Develops Legal Code(621BCE)

621 BCE

Solon Outlaws Debt Slavery(594BCE)

594 BCE

Birth Of Siddhartha Guatama(563BCE)

563 BCE

Cyrus the Great Begins Building His Empire(550BCE)

550 bce

Cleisthenes Opens the Assembly(500BCE)

500 bce

Battle of Marathon(490BCE)

490 BCE

Battle of Thermopylae(480BCE)

480 Bce

Parthenon is Built(477BCE)

477 bce

Golden Age of Athens(477BCE)

477 bce

Peloponnesian War Begins(431BCE)

431 bce

Pericles Dies(429BCE)

429 bce

Peloponnesian Wars End(413BCE)

413 Bce

Philip Conquers Greece(338BCE)

338 bce

Chandragupta Founds Mauryan Empire(321BCE)

321 bce

Asoka the Great Rules India(301BCE)

301 BCE

Great Wall Of China is Built(221BCE)

221 BCE

Qin Dynasty Collapses(202BCE)

202 bce

Paper is invented in China(105CE)

105 ce

Gupta Empire Forms in India(320CE)

320 ce