British civil war


Millenary Petition


Reign of King James I of England

1603 - 1625
  • already experienced as a king of Scotland since 18mnths
  • described as intellectual, outgoing, pragmatic, politically astute, peace-maker
  • enjoyed debating with parliament
  • aimed to make the ill-defined English political system work
  • wrote Basilikon Doron (1599) - art of kingship
  • his court was open & lively interacted a lot with courtiers
  • patronage of Shakespeare
  • "drunken, immoral and debauched"
  • Tension created in bed chamber as Scots dominated
  • Buckingham in bed chamber caused tension
  • Expensive ante-suppers (1621 cost £3300)

Hampton Court Conference


Treaty of London


Gunpowder Plot


Reign of Charles I of England

1625 - 1649
  • unwilling to compromise, shy, unapproachable, provocative, uncommunicative
  • Sharpe: "complete contrast to his father" & Cogsworth: "mirror opposite"
  • Hampered with a speech defect
  • failed to explain himself
  • inferiority complex so over-stressed his own prerogative
  • court was a microcosm for the state - only had supporters at court
  • strictly ordered and isolated court
  • catholic/ arminian dominance at court~synonymous with absolutism
  • court masque
  • histrio matrix (prynn- 1633- puritan)
  • van dyke art