When It All Began


Abraham and the Covenant with God

1900 BCE

Abraham speaks with God

Monotheism Begins

1200 BCE

Monotheism is the religion in which the ancient Israelite's invented to only worship one God.

Jesus Is Born

4 BC

Jesus is born a Jew & he grows up in the Jewish tradition.

Mary Is Visited By The Angle Gabriel


Mary is visited by Gabriel only to get told that she was pregnant with God's son, Jesus

Mary, Joseph And The infant Jesus Flee To Egypt

4 CE

Mary, Joseph, & Jesus flee to Egypt because of Herod's Massacre, & if they did not flee to Egypt, Jesus would have been killed by Herod The Great, and would not have lived on to spread his message, therefore Christianity would not have occurred.

Herod The Great Is Dead, & Herod Antipas Begins His Rule

4 CE

Herod dies of a chronic kidney disease, and Herod Antipas begins as ruler of the Roman Empire.

Jesus Visits The Temple In Jerusalum

16 CE

Jesus visits the temple in Jerusalum whilst His parents are at the Passover.

Jesus Is Baptized

26 CE

Jesus is baptized at the River Jordan by John the Baptist.

Jesus Begins Preaching

27 CE

Jesus beings preaching and spreading his message of love, peace, and justice to His followers and others.

Jesus & His Disciples Travel To The Mount Of Olives Where He Is Arrested By Romans

30 CE

Jesus takes His disciples to the Mount of Olives to preach them when he is interrupted and arrested by the Romans.

Crucifixion Of Jesus Is Approved

30 CE

The Roman government approves Jesus' trial (crucifixion)

Pentacost Occurs

33 CE

The birthday of the church and celebration of Jesus' life (Pentacost) occurs for the first time.

Jesus Is Crucified By The Romans

34 CE

Jesus is killed by the Romans because he was a threat to their authority.

Jesus Rose

34 CE

Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, this proves that he really was a saint because in the scriptures, it is said that He shall rise from the dead which Jesus did do.

The First Gospel Is Published

60 CE

The first gospel is published, this shows that people still love Jesus and follow in His foot steps 27 years after resurrection.

Jewish Rebellion Ends Against The Romans

70 CE

Romans & Jews stop fighting.

The Great Revolt

73 CE

The Great Revolt is the war between the Romans and the Jews, that happened after Herod The Great died. This led up to riots and later became a war because of lack of leadership.

The Synagogue Inscription

85 CE

Jesus teaches in synagogue for the first time, and speaks about worship of the almighty Father God

Wide Spread Persecution Of Christians

161 CE

The wide spread persecution of all Christians under the law of the Roman emporer; Marcus Aurelius.

Armenia Becomes The First State To Officially Adopt Christianity

301 CE

Armenia officially adopts Christianity as their state religion. This shows that Christianity spread vastly throughout the world, not just throughout Judea

Emporer Constantine Allows & Transfers To Christianity

312 CE

Emporer Constantine allowed the belief of Christianity and even converted to Christianity because God sent him a vision of a cross that said "In this sign you will be victorious"

Saint Jerome Translates The Bible Into Latin

400 CE

If he did not do this, then the Jews in Jesus' time would not know about all of the great things Jesus had done therefore, Christianity would have only evolved to an extent, and most people now would not know a lot about what Jesus ad done.

Rome Is Conquered By Barbarians

476 CE

Rome is attacked and conquered by Barbarians, after this happened, there was never another Roman emporer in Rome