Announcing New Government Plan For India

August 1, 1947

Start Of Government Implementaion

August 1, 1947 - August 5, 1947

Province Borders are made public, and the election of the national parliament with two Muslims, 2 Sikhs, and 2 Hindus take place. The British army stays with them to ensure a peaceful transition, and the old government stays in place until the new government is fully established.

Drawing Sectors

August 5, 1947 - January 1, 1948

The national parliament draws the borders of the sectors of the provinces and annouces them on January 1st.

Department Of Treasury

August 10, 1947

The Department of Treasury is elected and begins minting coins and other denominations of the new national currency.

Local Elections

January 1, 1948 - January 5, 1948

Local parliaments are elected from each sector

Indian Military is hired

January 20, 1948

British Military Occupation Ends

January 20, 1948

Implementation Of National Currency

January 25, 1948