Roman time line


Rome becomes a republic, in which citizens can elect leaders

509 B.C.

Roman was developed into the big city empire, ruled by king at the beginning. In 509 BCE Romans formed a new structure of government- The Republic. The roman structure was followed partly over centuries in the different countries. The Roman republic starts when the roman overthrew their Etruscan conqueror. Etruscan had ruled Romans for hundreds of years. They setup the new government once they were freed from Etruscan dominion. The new government allows the citizen to select the representative to rule on their behalf.

the law of twelve tables

449 BCE

The Law of Twelve Tables was one of the earliest surviving law codes. There was a struggle between Patricians (privileged class), Plebeians (common people) to protect the legal, social and civil rights. A commission of ten men was appointed called Decemviri at 433 BCE to write a code of law that is suitable for both parties. Before the Twelve law the private law comprised by the Roman civil law was applied to the Roman Citizen.

Hannibal invades Italy

218 BC

Hannibal was a Carthaginian military commander who was popularly known as one of the best and most talented commander in the history. After the first Punic war there was a temporary peace between Carthage and Romans. Both economics was dependent in the Mediterranean Sea. The development of the commerce trade lanes from the Eastern countries like Greece and Lebanon was purely dependent on Mediterranean Sea. After the death of Hannibal father Hamilcar, Hannibal came into power. He started preparing to defeat Roman. After the years of preparation, Hannibal was ready. During the first engagement Hannibal’s cavalry won a victory over Scipio’s forces near the Ticinus River, followed by the victor at Trebia River.

Julius Caesar becomes dictator of Rome, ending republic

44 B.C.

Gaius Julius Caesar was born on 12 July 100 BC in Rome. He is considered as greatest military strategist and brilliant politicians of all time. Caesar conquest the Gaul by 51 BC. He was the first Romans General that built bridge across the Rhine and commenced the invasion of Britain. The achievement provided Caesar’s the supreme military power. He implemented the reforms of government and roman society overthrewing already existing government and proclaimed as the Dictator of the Rome

julius caesar murdered by senators

39 B.C.

julius caesar was murdered at the curia of Pompey ( one of the first theatres of ancient Rome ) by a group of senators while he was addressing a meeting of the senate seated on a chair. His murder led to civil wars in the region.

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Augustus ended pontifex maximus

12 BC

pontifex maximus was the highest religious post the role was the highest priest and speaker to the gods ( in latin the greatest bridge builder )