Hitler Youth


March 1922- Hitler officially created the very first Nazi Part Youth Group, not many kids joined until 1926 though.

March 1922

1926- Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) formed, with Kurt Gruber as its leader.


1929 Hitler Youth is declared the official youth group of the Nazi Party.


April, 1933 Hitler Youth raid Berlin Headquarters of German Youth Association.

April 1933

December, 1936 Hitler Youth Law makes membership compulsory for all eligible youth, ages 10-18.

December 1936

March, 1939 Hitler conscripts remaining eligible youth.

March 1939

August, 1940 Artur Axmann succeeds Schirach as Hitler Youth Leader.

August 1940

January, 1943 Antiaircraft batteries manned solely by Hitler Youth.

January 1943